Ask the Experts: Understanding & Managing Dust Hazards in Your Facility

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, November 10 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

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Location: Center Stage

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Title: Ask the Experts: Understanding & Managing Dust Hazards in Your Facility

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Not only is completing a Dust Hazard Analysis a good idea for the reliability of your process and the safety of your team, it is also now a requirement for insurers. How can you complete a DHA and carry out the recommended mitigations in a cost-effective way? Can a DHA help your process become more profitable? If you're asking these kinds of questions, our panel of dust hazard experts from some of the leading firms in the field will provide un-biased answers. This is a unique opportunity for those seeking a practical solution to a common dust management problem, looking for perspective on dust collection systems, or just get a better sense of this important - but often under discussed - threat to your bottom line and most importantly, your people. 

Our expert panel will be moderated by Chris Cloney, Managing Director at Dust Safety Science, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of dust hazards and explosions by collecting, organizing and reporting data from around the globe, and will feature a 3-D model of a fictional plant to put concepts in a (virtual) context.