Panel: Industry 5.0 - Creative People, Collaborative Robots & Smart Factories

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, November 9 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Location: Center Stage

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Title: Panel: Industry 5.0 - Creative People, Collaborative Robots & Smart Factories

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Industry 4.0 is still making its way onto factory floors, but some say Industry 5.0 is already here. While Industry 4.0 focuses on networking plants and equipment for greater process control, efficiency and profitability, Industry 5.0 places humans back into the equation to enhance the agility, sustainability, and resiliency of production systems. Industry 5.0 is just as much about people, jobs, and culture as it is plants and machines. Your best Industry 5.0 implementations will strike a balance between human ingenuity, smart & sustainable plant and process design, and AI-powered solutions. This session will cover: 

  • Your Industry 5.0 team – understanding new roles and cross -functional training 
  • How the human machine interface is working to incorporate robots, sensors, cobots, and AI
  • Continuous plant behavioral monitoring challenges including safety and security
  • Case examples across industry sectors