A Circular Economy for Plastics and its Pivotal Role in a Net-Zero Future

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, November 10 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

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Location: Center Stage

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Title: A Circular Economy for Plastics and its Pivotal Role in a Net-Zero Future

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Plastics are low-cost, lightweight, durable, and easy to customize and process to suit an endless range of applications. Beyond their obvious physical benefits plastics, when managed properly, will play a key role in helping other sectors and industries reach their own emissions goals. From renewable energy and automotive vehicles to energy efficient buildings and versatile food packaging, plastics are a lynchpin to ensuring a sustainable, clean environment and a thriving Canadian economy. In this panel session stakeholders from across the plastics value chain will discuss plastics’ unique role in a low-carbon future. By investing in advanced recycling technologies, harmonizing recycling systems, and through collaboration with all levels of governments and other stakeholders, a Circular Economy for Plastics is not only possible, but the right way forward for Canada and a key to reaching net-zero emissions. Attend this panel for discussion on topics including: 

  • Recent developments in governmental policy related to plastics and managing plastic waste
  • Advanced recycling and the need for further investment
  • Decarbonizing the plastics value chain through technology innovations
  • Designing polymers for circularity